The process that MDM uses is unique in that it is totally driven by achieving what our client wants. We spend a lot of time early in the process listening to what you want, asking and answering questions and then designing the ideal solution for each client. No two jobs are ever the same and we treat each one independently so we can give you the custom design you want and deserve.

We realize that renovating and remodeling can be a daunting task and that people can easily be overwhelmed with all of the different options and choices. Where do we start? What needs to be chosen first? What is the right thing to do? What is the best option for resale? Is this just a trend or will this still be popular three years from now? We make this easy for you by leading you through the decisions that are needed in a timely and organized way.


Initial consultation to listen to the client about what they want to accomplish.

Questions and Answers:

  • What is the end result you're looking for?
  • Are you fixing up to sell, remodeling a newly purchased home, or renovating and modernizing an existing or older home?
  • What is the horizon for living in this home? 5, 10, 15 years? Each one of these time frames makes a big difference in what we recommend. This can also determine the return on investment and how personalized the design should be.
  • What is the best utilization of the space?
  • Is there additional space that can be used or reconfigured?
  • What is the budget for the project?

Take initial measurement for the room take off drawings.


From the project take offs, we determine the best utilization of the existing space and make recommendations for maximizing function and appearance.

Provide a 3D color rendering of the remodeling plans. This may involved several iterations and meetings before plans are finalized.

Finalize the project plan and budget.

Provide the interior design plans to include cabintery, countertops, appliances, fixtures, flooring, colors, decorations, etc. This may include anything from simply using what the client has already selected to doing 100% of the legwork to narrow the field from 10,000 choices to the top 3 or 4 that work best for you. MDM guides you through this, putting our experience and knowledge to work for you and helping arrive at the best solution for each client.

Finalize interior design plans.

Develop critical path for work flow, develop project timeframe and turnaround times.


MDM will present a proposal contract that spells out every aspect of the project - the scope of work, details for each phase and component of the construction, project start date, turnaround time, labor and materials cost, payment terms and warranty.

Once the contract is approved, pre-orders are made and the work is scheduled.


All aspects of the project are undertaken by MDM and completed over the course of the project.

Throughout the project, daily updates and communication on the status and upcoming decisions are provided.

Any changes or modifications asked for or required during the project are done only after the discussions with the client and additional, written estimates are provided and approved.

MDM coordinates any sub-contracted work that is required.

Work is complete - on time and on budget!!

Final invoicing is provided along with a written level of appreciation and details on MDM's client referral program.


MDM follows up on every project to assure complete customer satisfaction.